Results of ImposSiebel Toolbar poll

The results are surprising, and shows that readers are heavily divided on two features.

The winner of course is the field/column/table information, users who voted for this option are practical, they want fast access to their configuration without messing about in Tools.

What is surprising to me, is the number of people who voted on Browser Script tracing. It might just be my reader demographics, because on most projects, Browser Script is avoided, and given in for Server script solutions.

Although its use should be minimized, its fair to say that Browser Script functionality offers really cool functionality for end users, that cannot be achieved using Server script. People who voted for this, are likely to be flashy, and sacrifice practicality for a little luxury.

I have prototyped both features, but can only focus on one, because both require a lot of work (my spare time).

But as a consolation prize for the code junkies out there, i'll dedicate a couple of articles on some obscure Browser Script behaviour and tips for rapid development.

The new feature will be available in a few weeks (maybe less), so keep an eye on ImposSiebel twitter for updates on the next IS Toolbar version.