Inject browser script in Siebel

I dont know how many customers are on, but i suspect not many since its only available to the Public Sector vertical. But this could be the beginning of the end for all the browser script hackers out there.

Injecting browser script into the IE address bar has been a favourite trick for developers to Set and Get the value of profile attributes on the fly.

If you've come late to the party, what this trick does is allow us to run browser script against the current siebel session using the following javascript command

javascript: alert(theApplication().GetProfileAttr("Me.Full Name"));

The first signs of problems began in when the Siebel UI rejected my attempts to insert the Impossible Toolbar into the menu frame, which i thought were related to me upgrading to IE8, but in it disabled any injection attempts altogether, as verified by @lex on my Twitter.

I've been secretly playing with a web development trick to inject browser script into Siebel, and reimplementing my tools around this new method.

This is only high level information, but there are a couple ways of running achieving this.

1. Build a browser console

On Application Start, write some code in browser script that opens up an IE window. This IE window exposes a console that runs code in the context of the parent window.

This allows us to hook into the Siebel session, and run our commands in the same fashion that the address bar allowed previously.

You could also modify the Siebel browser script framework files to open up the console, instead of modifying the application, but the downside is neither of these method are very portable.

2. Use a browser debugger

This method affords us the flexibility to inject browser script in any environment, but lacks the flexibility to customize the UI and commands needed to perform a lot of the fancy stuff that the Impossible Siebel toolbar provided.

I am currently looking at a fusion of the above techniques, and have managed to port some essential features of the Impossible Siebel toolbar onto a separate floating console as a POC.

Heres an early prototype that i've hacked onto a log4javascript console.

But, if all you are interested in is Setting and Getting ProfileAttr in Siebel, you can download any debugger (google is your friend), and try it out on your machine, as long as it provides you with a console, you can use it to run Browser Script commands.

Its actually easier than using the address bar, because you dont have to type the "javascript:" prefix in front of all your commands.

Even if you dont have the problem, i recommend you grab one of these tools, it will become indispensible when you need to debug browser script, find the source code of individual frames, or just check profile attributes to test that your config is behaving correctly.

ImposSiebel 1st Bday

Its hard to believe that it was exactly 1 year ago, that Impossible Siebel came onto the blogasphere.

What makes an already busy professional decide to spend time with an audience of total strangers?

Most of us start off our career by learning from others, so i think it is appropriate that we give this knowledge back to the community. As my master once said to me, Grasshopper, when your cup is full, you need to empty it, before you can drink more.

There are some great Siebel CRM Blogs out there, Neel from Siebel Unleashed was a pioneer in the Siebel blogging world and still provides the Siebel community with a comprehensive resource of really useful technical advise for beginners and experts a like.

@lex from Siebel Essentials, the tweeting trainer from Oracle is the guru on everything on Oracle CRM and BI. He's also damn quick on answering questions, something for all of us to aspire to.

Other notable mentions are Geeks Blogging, Siebel Mantra, Siebel Developer, Siebel Guide, Siebel Tips.

These are all great resources, so what what did i have to offer?

The concept was quite simple, go through Support web, bookshelf and find things that were said to be impossible, or pick on Siebel defects and turn it around in favour of the customer, plus promote german 80s pop music.

This is a very strict niche, if people put up with the german music, but life is dull when you dont have a cause.

So where do Impossible Siebel Readers come from? here are some interesting analytics.

[Visitor Country]

60% of users are American. Good to see the Germans are in there as well.

[Visitor City]

4 out of the top 5 visitor cities are from India.

[Corporate Visitors]

Nope, i dont work for any of these companies...

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You may have noticed that impossible articles have slowed down in the last few months, this is due to new hobby in gardening (plus a little bit of professional commitment), which has taken its toll on the website, but I'll update my twitter more often to compensate.

I'm always working behind the scenes and for those who care, the ImposSiebel Genbscript will be released within two weeks and the regular articles will continue after that.

Finally what would an anniversary be without some german pop music?

This number comes from Patty Ryan, unquestionably her greatest hit. Its got that great 80s sound, and signature euro beat.