ImposSiebel Toolbar, Version 0.52 Release Information

ImposSiebel Toolbar, Version 0.52 Release Information


[New Features]

  • Introduced SQL Profiler
    Keep an eye out for the next article, and i'll provide a tutorial on how to use this functionality.

  • Added UI Search Spec information to About View
    This search spec is in addition to what you configure in your Applet and BCs. Apply a PDQ, put some dynamic code in the PreQuery event or simply run a query, and you'll see what i mean.

    This feature will display the search spec that is applied during runtime.

    Note. The actual Applet and BC search specs have not yet been implemented.


  • Removed Set PA/Get PA buttons
    Setting and getting profile attributes can be accessed through the menu.

  • Removed About View button
    To streamline the user experience, the About View functionality can be accessed by double clicking on any free space in the main view. SI users currently still have to use the menu for About View.

  • Added life meter
    This shows that the toolbar is running in the background. When this stops, or there is a red box next to it, the Toolbar has encountered an error and needs to be restarted.

[Known issues with Toolbar]

  • Issue: Refreshing IE or clicking Back disables all application hooks.
    Recompiling Tools also causes IE to be reloaded and will have the same effect.
    Cause: This is standard IE behaviour and cannot be avoided.
    Resolution: Restart IE.

  • Issue: A red marker is appearing next to the IS button.
    Cause: An unexpected error has occurred.
    Resolution: Restart IE, and report steps to reproduce to [email protected]

  • Issue: About View dosnt appear.
    Cause: This happens in a view with a lot of vertical scrolling. About View appears near the top of the main view.
    Resolution: Scroll up to see the About View dialog.

  • Issue: All my ActiveX has dissappeared.
    Cause: ActiveX hasnt been cleaned up.
    Resolution: No worries. Double click on a free area of the view, and when About View appears, click [X] to close it, this will restore the ActiveX

[Known issues with SQL Profiler]

  • Issue: SQL Profiler always returns 0 Cost.
    Cause: 1. The wrong spool file is supplied or 2. Two thick clients are open at the same time and have severed links to the spool file.
    Resolution: Close down all thick clients, and only start 1 thick client session.

  • Issue: ActiveX warning always appears.
    Cause: The toolbar needs ActiveX to profile the SQL.
    Resolution: Click Okay to accept, add to your IE browser trusted zone, and add your localhost to your trusted zone.

Not available  

Siebel 7.8+  
Siebel 8+  
Siebel < 7.8  
Siebel eService  
Siebel Employee Relationship management  
Siebel Call Center  

 Features HI SI
About View    
Invoke applet method    
Invoke BC method    
Invoke application method    
Invoke control method    
Set UI field    
Get UI field value    
Set profile attribute    
Get profile attribute    
Show current user personalization    
Resize window    
Reload personalization    
SQL performance profiling    
Display UI Search Spec    
Set read only fields    
Toggle applet labels into field names    
Browser script tracing    
Show label/field/column table info    
Create applet level menus    
Draggable and position sensitive dialogs    
MVG, Popup applet support    
List applet interaction support    
Display Applet and BC Search Spec    
Config Repository Search    
Perform Config Review    

ImposSiebel Toolbar Beta

A few years back, i started developing Super About View, in a nutshell, this is a program which allows developers to hook into any Siebel session, in any environment, and get quick access to the Siebel objects without going into Tools.

For more background on this topic, these articles should serve as good primers.

A lot of people have asked for copies of Super About View, but it has never been ready for distribution. One of the reasons for this, is that i was already succeeding it with a better program.

The result of this, is the ImposSiebel Toolbar, it is essentially the same tool, which has been re-built from scratch to be more robust and given a new interface.

The toolbar is released to the public in v0.50 Beta, and is completely free!

Current Features

  1. Displays true applet information
  2. Displays graphical representation of applet order
  3. Highlights the currently selected applet
  4. Shows the corresponding Applet BC
  5. Displays current Row Id
  6. Dynamic Get/Set Profile Attributes on the fly
  7. Get/Set applet fields from the BC level
  8. Reload personalization
  9. Resize Siebel window
  10. Invoke Method on Applet
  11. Invoke Method on BC

There are two options to install this toolbar

  • Option 1 - Managed

    This option is the easiest and least hassle. The toolbar will always pull the latest update of the program from the server and maintain itself.

    The toolbar software is 1.5Mb for the dlls and exe, but the actual logic is only 26Kb, this is cached by the browser or your proxy when the program is initiated. When your cache expires, this logic file will be redownloaded again.

    1. Download the Impossible Toolbar from

    2. Install the toolbar

    Untick the following options
    * Set the Impossible Siebel customized Web Search as my default in Internet Explorer
    * Enable me to get instant alerts, which display the latest community news

    3. Once the toolbar is installed, go into Toolbar Options and uncheck the following options

    * Enable search history
    * Suggest searches from search history
    * Send statistics (help us improve our toolbar)
    * Add selected text on the web page to the search box

    4. Click 'START' to initiate the Toolbar

  • Option 2 - Bookmark

    1. Create a bookmark

    2. Change the URL to the following

    javascript:if(document.getElementById('fs') != null){document.getElementById('fs').removeNode(true);};

    3. Click the favourite to initialize the Toolbar

    Although not as elegant as the Managed method, this option is more portable (if you need it to be), but the security of your machine, or the machine you are using may prevent you from installing a script from an external source, the Managed option does not have this problem.

    If you insist on using this method, and want to get around this security obstacle, you can reduce the security of your browser zone to low, or download the JS file onto your local machine, but you lose the portability and live updates.
The toolbar should be intuitive and quite self explanitory. I'll be adding more features in future, and will put together a document when it gets more complicated.

Here's a couple of screenshots of the toolbar in action.

I've also set up a poll that determines what features will make it into the next version of this tool. Put your votes in to shape the development.

The ImposSiebel toolbar has been tested with Internet explorer 6, in HI and SI applications in Siebel 7.8, 8.1. If you are having any problems, leave a note in the comments, and i'll look into it.

Have fun.