Reader Challenge - Mouseover Tooltips (Scriptless)


Display a floating tool tip with dynamic text, when a user hovers over a form applet label or image in High Interactivity.

[The challenge]

Our earliest followers will remember this requirement as one of the Impossible tasks on our first poll (which was won by the Scriptless VBC).

I'm sure veteran configuraters, get asked this requirement all the time from green BAs.

Does it sound impossible? It should, because mouseover interactions are not supported in HI, and to make this more interesting, lets add a condition to make this a scriptless challenge. We havnt had a scriptless challege since the "EAI Phone format challenge"

By scriptless, i'm going to borrow @lex's definition:

"I define 'scripting' as the attempt to solve requirements such as automation, validation or integration in Siebel CRM by inserting custom code into the event handlers exposed by the Siebel application.

As we all know, Siebel CRM has four object types that expose event handlers:

* Applet
* Application
* Business Component
* Business Service

I should also mention that, there should be no scripting or CSS changes to the Siebel browser framework, everything should be configured inside of tools.

The following screenshot shows an example of an advanced tooltip, that i configured earlier.


This tooltip should not dissapear after 5 seconds. ie, if there is paragraph of text, it should allow the user ample time to read the tooltip!

Have fun.


  1. hi,

    I have a requirement to display a tooltip whenever user places mouce over the caption name in the form applet. please help me out how you have achieved it?
    you said that you have done it but no steps how to do it?

    Thanks.. please reply back to me

  2. Please contact me via Linkedin for the solution.

  3. How we can control the time for the tooltip to appear ?
    If we change this will it be across application or applicable to particular applet/view/screen ?

  4. If you are thinking of using the alt attribute, then you cannot control it using that solution.

  5. Hi,

    Can you please post, on how the requirement was achieved.


  6. A couple of articles, to cover the available solutions, have been written and are waiting to be published.

    If you want a sneak peak, i have posted a solution on my LinkedIn Group.


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