Find Results Highlight defect

1. Log into the Application through thin client
2. Click the Binoculars
3. Choose a search category
4. Enter a search criteria
5. Click Search

The search results should show the selected record with a highlighted background as shown in the screenshot below. This feature worked in 7.8 and broke when the application was upgraded to 8.1.

Note: This issue only occurs on the thin client and cannot be replicated via the thick client.

The Find pane is rendered in SI, so the row highlighting has to be controlled by CSS and the class tag. To verify what is happening right click on the Find pane, view the source code and identify the section that has the Find results.

We can see that the class tag is missing the class name, this is why the highlighting does not work. Is the server not generating a class or is the swe command for active row highlighting broken? To get to the root cause, we need to go to web templates that is used to render the HTML before it is sent to the browser.

Goto your Web templates folder, locate and open the following file


The swe command that is responsible for determining the class is
<tr class="swe:this.RowStyle">

According to the Siebel documentation, this is the correct command, but the Application does not correctly render the class tags.

To work around this feature, we can utilise a swe switch statement to detect the state of the web engine, and the print out the correct class tags for our rows. Heres how its done.
<swe:case condition="Web Engine State Properties, IsCurrentRow"><tr id2='JLEOn' class="listRowOn"></swe:case>
<swe:case condition="Web Engine State Properties, IsOddRow"><tr id2='JLEOdd' class="listRowOdd"></swe:case>
<swe:case condition="Web Engine State Properties, IsEvenRow"><tr id2='JLEEven' class="listRowEven"></swe:case>
<swe:case condition="Web Engine State Properties, IsErrorRow"><tr id2='JLEError' class="listRowError"></swe:case>


There are 5 available classes


If you want to change the styles of these classes, they can be found in the main.css

Notice that I add a custom id2 attribute to the row tags for testing, this lets verify the change on the thick client, since the original swe command and the new switch statement will generate the exact same output, we need something to tell us that we have modified the correct SWT file.

Enjoy your new old feature again.


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