The Future of Siebel CRM: Community Poll

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Siebel Systems. After being acquired by Oracle in 2005, Siebel CRM and the successor of Siebel Analytics, Oracle Business Intelligence, are still flagship products. Thousands of IT professionals worldwide make a living from these two systems.

Siebel CRM itself has been on the market for 17 years, and in the Siebel community there is much excitement about Oracle's commitment to strengthen the product's position, for example by delivering the Open UI framework. At the same time, many people wonder how many years Siebel has left.

Always with our fingers on the pulse of the Siebel community, we - a group of dedicated Siebel bloggers* - are working together to conduct a poll to find out public opinion on that question.

If you want to cast your vote on the poll, you can do it right here. Alternatively you can use this link to access the poll in a separate window or on a mobile device.

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*The following blogs are hosting this poll:
(in alphabetical order)

CRM Conundrum
On Demand Education
Only Siebel
Siebel Essentials
Siebel Observer
Siebel Tech Blog
Siebel Unleashed

Did we miss your blog from this list? Do you want to participate? Then please contact Alex via twitter or Google+.

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