Impossible Solutions Poll Results

At Impossible Siebel, we try to provide creative solutions to seemingly imposible tasks in Siebel.

You wont find instructions on how to build/debug workflows, or how to use try/catch statements or other basic how to's, but you will find obscure and different ways of solving Siebel challenges.

I thought about the 4 most interesting problems with Siebel, and offered readers a chance to give their feedback.

If you need a refresh on the original challenges, you can find them here.

The votes have been counted, and it is a land slide victory for VBC without scripting.

I personally had my bets on enabling/disabling multiple showPopups, but the results were obvious from the beginning, people want to know how to create a VBC without using scripting.

I will write solutions for the 1st and 2nd place winners in the poll, and if there is enough interest from readers on the seeing the other solutions, i will publish those in the future.

As a prelude to the solution on a creating a VBC without scripting. There are actually two completely different solutions for this challenge, each with its own pros and cons.

We'll jump right into this one, just hold your breath for a minute...


  1. hi Jason,

    I have been struggling from past few days with a problem of displaying multiple popups from button click...

    Requirement is to have a different popup on the same button click depending on certain conditions... I had two questions regarding it

    1. Is it possible ? [I know I am asking this at Impossible Siebel :) ]

    2. How ?

    A post about this would be really helpful

  2. Hi Jason,

    Can you pls. tell how to implement MVG on a list applet based on VBC.
    I have tried all the approach and I get below error.

    Unable to load message 0xffff(SBL-GEN-00000)

  3. Hi Vishal

    I haven't come across this error, implementing MVG popup list VBCs in the past. You'll have to consult with your local peers on this one.


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