How to make an invisible Screen


Restrict users from navigating and browsing through Client information, this information could be classified and access is provided on a need to know basis. The only way Client information can be accessed is through a drilldown from another part of the application.


Siebel does not provide any obvious mechanism to hide a Screen completely from the Application. When adding Views to Screens, we are given two options

1. Display in Page
2. Display in Sitemap

The first option, determines wether a view should be displayed when navigating to a Screen, while the later determines wether this view will be show under the Screen link under SiteMap.

But there is no similiar options for a Screen, the best you can do is make the Screen hidden from the page tabs, but this will still show up in the SiteMap.


Under Application/Screen Menu Item, just blank out the screen name text for the Screen you want to hide. Siebel has some internal logic to prevent screens with empty names to be displayed in SiteMap. Obscure? Absolutely!


  1. The paragraph in requirement section is bit controvertial.

    By using SWECommand & SWEView you can arbitrarily navigate to any view of any screen. The only thing required is the view name known to user.

  2. Using SWE commands is beyond the reach of most common users, the above solution is suitable for the majority of cases.

    But as you've mentioned, it dosnt stop the curious or ill intentioned from viewing the data. A knowledgable user can even set field values which are read only. If the information is sensitive we should be auditing it.

  3. Your post has got me restless.Any updates on the above?

  4. I have worked on a similar requirement. I created a custom view, added to the screen but left the viewbar text and menubar text blank, and assigned the view to the correct responsibility. The target users can access this view via a button, but cannot access directly via sitemap.

  5. Thank you it is a fantastic support, now to make an invisible screen is definitely simple with your tips. Thank you


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