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"How to show alert to user after closing a Pick Applet from the "X" button [top right corner]. I want to show the alert or confirm(yes/no) box just after closing the pickapplet.

I tried using the window.onunload event in browser script of pickapplet, but it didn't worked.

please help"

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To clarify, the developer wants to display a confirmation dialog after the applet has been closed, and not to prevent the applet from being closed.

There are a few solutions that come to mind.

1. Put some code on the applet that invokes the popup applet, when focus returns to the first applet, pop up the dialog.

This is ugly because you need to put code on all the base applets across the application that use this popup applet.

2. OnLoad of the pop up applet, create a looping mechanism to check the name of the active applet, when the active applet is no longer the active popup applet, pop up the dialog.

This solution dosnt provide a real time notification, and creates un-neccessary load on the application and browser.

So your challenge is to find an alternative solution, which should be pretty tough ruling out the above possibilities.

To test the water, I seeked opinion from Michael Feng, of scriptless VBC fame, who initially dismissed it as impossible, but when I said, there is a solution.

He came up with a concept and a working solution in a few days. His solution allowed an alert to be displayed in REAL TIME when the X was clicked on a popup applet.

Its been a year since the above requirement was posted to the Oracle forums, if you are the author of the above post, or you are a customer who needs the solution, send me a message on LinkedIn, and i'll gladly fill you in.

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