Ultra browser script generator 2

A fellow colleague had a chance to test my new Ultra GenB script progress screen enhancement, and the feedback was:

"Every developer should have this"

If you dont know what the excitement is all about, a while ago i presented the Ultra GenB script generator, a free utility to ease the pains of generating browser scripts. This time i've come back with an enhancement to the original program.

The time need to generate browser scripts varies, depending a lot of factors such as the amount of browser scripts you have in your application, the amount of memory/ disk space/CPU utilization currently being used, and Genbscript.exe also runs faster off a fully compiled SRF, compared to incremental compiles, so you could be waiting 1-10 minutes for the program to finish not knowing what Siebel is doing in the background.

My browser script generator fills this user experience gap, by providing a visual cues on the progress of genbscript.exe.


All the wonderful features of original +
1) Displays the name of the file currently being generated
2) Displays how many files have been generated so far
3) Turns Red to signal failure or user action
4) Turns Green to signal success

Note: Feature 1, works by polling the file system, so the results are not real time, hence your experience will vary depending on how fast or slow your system is running.

The file and source code can be downloaded freely from my LinkedIn Group: Impossible Siebel


  1. It would be good to see js compression in it.
    Does it supports any sort of compression?

  2. Hi Tj

    Unfortunately not, but it is an excellent idea, and would make an interesting experimental feature.

    JS compression would make the first load faster, but after that, those files would be cached. Theoretically the execution should be faster as well, but i doubt it would make a tangible difference.


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