Auto login into iSQL

Sometimes its the little things that make a big difference in life, i see a lot of people tediously entering all the connection details each time they want to log into their local database.

The following shortcut will allow you to log into the local database automatically.

C:\<Siebel directory>\Tools\BIN\dbisqlc.exe -c
"uid=SIEBEL;dbf=C:\<Siebel directory>\Tools\LOCAL\sse_data.dbf;pwd=<your password>"

In some projects, system policy forces us to change our server passwords every 45 days, even for development environments, which means our passwords will be out of sync with the local database.

This causes all sorts of issues, the most annoying is being locked out of the database. When the local database tries to connect with the old password, this is the counted as the first failed attempt, if you enter in an incorrect password, this is the second attempt, and when you try to connect again, the local still uses the incorrect password, causing you to fail authentication 3 times, when you only had 1 try.

To change the local database password, issue the following commands.

--Change password
grant connect to <USERNAME> identified by <PASSWORD>;
grant connect to SIEBEL identified by <PASSWORD>;


Remember to also change your auto login script, you can get around this task by using the DBA login, but then you have to prefix all your table references with SIEBEL when typing your statements, its a compromise either way.

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  1. Hi Jason,

    I do not know personally as I have never tried out.But few of my friends have used this approach in Siebel 8.0 to stop "change password warning" being issued.

    when they get this warning message from Tools or client, they change the system date to 1 year forward (or whatever u want) then they change the pwd from Tool's dialog box.Now change the system date back to normal date. So for 1 year you will not get warning.

    Infact the same applies when your tool or client is locked because of wrong pwd attempts.You can change the system date to forward system date and then it will be unlocked for you.



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