An interview with the creator of the ABS Framework

I've recently had the pleasure and good fortune, of meeting the creator of the Siebel ABS eScript Framework and what follows will be an interesting journey.

This is a continuation of my first article on the implementation of an eScript Framework.

If you dont know what the ABS Framework is then, this article wont mean much, but for those are keanly following this topic, it will make us re-think the way we develop Siebel and also open a lot of doors that we didnt know existed.

In my first article, i discussed an implementation of a Siebel framework, that solves Mike M. Lin's dilenma of creating a custom Siebel class with proper method chaining.

In the closing of the first article, i hinted on another implementation of the framework, which avoids the horrible problem of attaching methods to the Object constructor.

But my opportunistic meeting with the creator of the ABS Framework (who wishes to remain anonymous), has confirmed this theory, that attaching custom methods to the Object constructor is not the way to go.

I've also discovered, that while our implementation mechanism of the eScript class method chaining is different, our ideas for laying the foundations for a framework and the results are the same.

Our initial conversation covered the architectural design of a framework and the different implementation methods, scripting standards, and the absolute need for such a framework.

We are currently evaluating this framework, and also looking at some potential changes for Siebel 8, but thats as far as we got.

The first and only place, that we've heard about this framework is from the Siebel Unleashed forum, and there is little if any knowledge of this framework, by Oracle or any other independant source, but in conclusion to this article, i can definitely confirm that the ABS Framework exists.

In the next article, i will provide some more information on our eScript framework, so stay tuned...


  1. Oh Man, what a tease! This is worse than waiting for the next episode of Lost.

  2. Unfortunately or fortunately i havnt seen Lost, but i imagine its like waiting for the next Star Trek movie?

    But heres a preview, the ABS framework is not a scripting framework, its a Siebel framework. Its bigger than just knowing how to add custom methods to Siebel.

  3. Hey Man.. This is just such an unbearable wait. I have googled to find more about this framework but apart from few blog teasers have not got anything.
    It is so frustrating to know there exists a better method for configuration but we are still using not the optimum 1. Do let us know some more about this.