Exporting different objects into one SIF

As a developer, we sometimes need to retrofit changes from one environment into another.

Siffing is dangerous and some projects have banned this practice because the likelyhood of inadvertantly overwriting someoneone elses work.

Reimplementing is safer and recommended, but there are times when you want to SIF.

Heres a tip that allows you to SIF out different objects into one SIF file.

Its easy to SIF out multiple objects of the same type, but if you have objects that lie in different parts of the explorer tree, you cannot do a group selection.

For example, if you have an applet and BC that you want to export, you can combine this into one file very easily, by performing the following process.

1. Find the first object that you want to export, and select 'Add to Archive'
Applet: ACD Transfer Call Applet

2. Leave the Archive window open, and move it out of the way. It will stay modal, but still allow you access to your explorer.

3. Find the second object that you want to Archive, and select again 'Add to Archive'
BC: AICC SCORM Import Course

4. Click Save, and Siebel combines all those object definitions into one SIF file.

Now you can import this SIF back into another repository. This is really useful, and a lot safer than doing project imports.

This is really simple, and potentially obvious to a lot of people, and would not normally meet the criteria to be posted here, so I asked some of the most senior people around me, if they could do this but was told it can't be done.


  1. I remember showing this to a group of developers once and they wow'ed "oh this must be a new feature of Siebel 8". I had to tell them that it works like that since Siebel 99 at least....

    So much for being able to get the big picture ;-)

    have fun


  2. I surprised a very experienced Ex Siebel employee with this trick, that made it worth sharing with everyone else =)

  3. Do you know any way to compile two different objects belonging to different projects at once?


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