Solution - Show creator full name on 'About Record Applet'

Impossible reader Sajan, has responded to the 'About Record Applet' Challenge.

The solution Sajan shares, higlights the use of ShowControl.

The WebApplet_ShowControl event is only supported in Standard interactivity, and allows us to modify a control as it is being rendered to the user.

By trapping this event, Sajan can intercept the rendering of the Created By and Last Updated By fields, send the login Id off to a server script function to resolve it to a persons name, then inject the value back into the HTML stream on the fly.

Sajan's solution

//Object: Applet
//Object Name: About Record Applet
//Event: WebApplet_ShowControl
//Script: Server Side

function WebApplet_ShowControl (ControlName, Property, Mode, &HTML)
if ((ControlName == "CreatedBy") && (Property == "FormattedHtml"))

var temp =HTML;

//Capture the LOGIN only
var temp1=temp.substring(temp.indexOf(">"));
loginid= temp1.substring(1,temp1.indexOf("<"));

//Method to pull Full Name based on the Login
HTML = fetchfullname(loginid);

This technique is useful for tricky client automation problems, and can be used to perform more complex logic, by injecting javascript into the HTML, which executes when it loads in the users browser.

Why would we want to do this?

  • Auto-completing fields
  • Auto submitting a form
  • Scrolling to a desired position in the view
  • Changing the look and feel of an applet dynamically

What if the business insisted that we change the background image of the 'About Record Applet', and have a different picture displayed every time it is opened?

We never say no around here =).


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