Pop up window for dual screen computers from 8 +

In one of my recent articles, i gave a tip on how to make pop up windows display on the same screen as the browser window in Siebel 7.

Those people, who have 2 or more monitors, will understand this problem very well, but this trick no longer works in Siebel 8. After searching on ML without any luck, I started to do some trial and error.

The Siebel 8 client config file dosnt have a [SWE] section, and creating this section with the value PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE, dosnt do anything.

Neither does creating an Application user property with the same parameters under the Application object, but if we move it under the [InfraUIFramework] section, it should start working again!

PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE

This has been tested in Siebel in 8.1.1.


  1. I have a Siebel popup question: I am thinking of developing a replacement Popup Applet for the Siebel's default "Calendar Reminder Popup Applet" from which you cannot drill down to the Activity to get the details and it cannot be further configured (So says Siebel Support). Do you think it is possible to trigger a Popup Applet using the Alarm Manager service and have a link/drill down on a field like Contact Last Name(ActivityID internally) to get to the relevant Activity to help provide better functionality in Siebel for the Alarm Reminders ?
    Kindly Advice

  2. That sounds like a challenge i would enjoy, unfortunately i dont have access to that funtionality in my application.

    But heres my conceptual thoughts.

    By looking at "Calendar Reminder Popup Applet", it seems the contents are rendered by a custom control, so its going to be hard to modify it. The applet is mapped to "SAAppletAnalytics.swt", so you could put a custom button in the template.
    eg. <input type="button"

    When clicked, this button would programically close the applet, and do a gotoview to your desired record, using a combination of browser script + business service.

    The problem, would be to get the Row Id of the record to navigate to. Does the Alarm manager service provide you with this information? You could possibly construct a business service that queries the calendar table to get the alarm + related information. You will have to fill in this last gap.

    Maybe one our readers can come up with something more creative.

  3. I've tried to implement this fix to Siebel 8.1 and although it works in the Fat client cfg made the pop ups appear in the same monitor when connect to the fat client. The changes do not seem to reflect on the web client.
    Any thoughts or tips?

  4. Try to implement this on your server cfg files and see if you have any luck.

  5. I implemented this on the server cfg and no luck for 8.1. I did find this bug request 12-QA8PPO that indicates the release date is to be scheduled. So perhaps this just does not work for 8.1?


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