Pop up window for dual screen computers from 7.5.3 +

There is a little known trick that is documented in ML (Siebel CRM Fix Pack Guide, version 7.5.3 [Doc ID 546998.1]).

It is so useful and yet so sad that many people are living without it. For people with dual monitors, when you open up a popup, it appears only on the primary monitor.

For example, if you have your Siebel client on the secondary monitor and click on a popup applet, it opens in the primary monitor, to me thats almost half way round the other side of the world.

This is pretty unforgivable, and yet people just accept it as a fact of life, but there has been a fix for this since 7.5.3.

Who really looks through all the Oracle/Siebel fix documentation? Not until we are really annoyed with the behaviour.

The fix is simple, put the following line under the [SWE] section of your config file

PopupSizeConstrained = TRUE

Now like some sort of magic, all your popup windows will appear on the same monitor that your Siebel client is located.


  1. This seems to work for Standard popup, but not for static picklists any suggestions?

  2. This parameter is specifically for popups, i think we are out of luck for picklists.


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